Meet Our Models/Business Women

Meet Our Models/Business Women

All our models are inspiring business women and here's why... 

Meet Jenny, the most fabulous yoga teacher who creates luxury retreats to help you unwind, get in touch with yourself and connect with nature. If you are needing some relaxing time then head to The Wild Times website!

Sunset Kimono Dressing Gown

Meet Fizz who owns her very own cafe in the heart of Burley, New Forest. She does everything! From making coffees, creating the best sandwiches I have ever had plus all the behind the scenes bits! Fizz also is a talented artist and painter, her beautiful work can be seen in Noohn Cafe. Visit Noon Cafe.

Undressed kimono dressing gown and swimsuit

Meet Mitsy, a full time Mum and fashion model. This talented queen is working with some of the most amazing brands out there! We were lucky enough to meet her little girl on our shoot, she loved seeing her Muma rocking her work and no doubt it will be a memory for her when she is older. 

undressed kimono and vintage bike sunset

Undressed is proud to support women and be a female owned business! 

To help us on our journey to grow, please share our website to all your loved ones. 






February 03, 2022 — Kezia Merendez
From Little to Big Factory

From Little to Big Factory

After working with our team in India for over a year, we were thrilled to hear they have brought and moved into a much larger factory to help facilitate with our upcycling sari program. 

The building has three floors including a sunny roof terrace overlooking the bustling pink city of Jaipur. 

The bottom floor is where the team sort through the saris, each piece gets carefully checked, washed and ironed ready for cutting. It is also where all our products get carefully packed and boxed up before coming to us. 


undressed factory India

The second floor is where the magic happens, the saris get transformed and sewn into Undressed kimono designs. Any remnant fabric is saved to make our zero waste collection including scrunchies and bags. We love to use it all up! 

The third floor is a busy one, this is where all kimonos go through a final quality check before being pressed. 

Meet puppy Gabbar, the newest member of their team. 

Golden labrador puppy

 To start your upcycling journey, shop kimonos now to find your rescued treasure, waiting just for you. 

February 03, 2022 — Kezia Merendez
Building Undressed + Working Full Time

Building Undressed + Working Full Time

Hey everyone! 

Here is my first journal.

Behind the scenes to building Undressed. It's raw, honest and real. I hope you enjoy x


For the past year and a half I have been running Undressed whilst working a full time job. Originally, I started working full time on my business however, I was getting super lonely working on my own. My fiancé and I put our heads together to figure out how to fix what I was going through. We came up with the idea for me to become a Teaching Assistant. I would have lots of holiday time so I could do all the festivals and get to work with children who are fab. Although my background was in design somehow I managed to get the job. Yippee!

Why did I get a job?

I wanted financial security. Having this definitely enabled me to feel free and creative. 

I really wanted to be part of a team. Working on your own can be super isolating! Because I had just moved back from Australia I needed to connect with lots of people and build my foundations from scratch. 

It provided a great social life, team meet ups, drinks etc. Working in a team gives you lots of small positive things that when I worked on my own, I really took for granted. Like having a cup of tea made for me, or just some encouraging words from fellow colleagues. It is all good stuff that I believe we all need. 

Then what....?

Sooooo, Undressed really took off in lock down hooray! But I kept going with my job as I felt so loyal to it. My fiancé and I were also buying a house and so we needed both our salaries plus my business books to get our mortgage. Having a start up is never easy when trying to get a mortgage and so I held onto the job until we moved house as it really helped with our case. Just so you know, if you are Self Employed or a Ltd company you can get a mortgage but you need 2 years of books. Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions about this!

And now....

I am full time with Undressed. I have married my brand which feels sooooo blooming fab!

From now on you will find me and puppy Shimla working in a co-working space or packing your orders from my lovely home by the sea.

If you have any questions, please send me a DM or email as I love to hear form you all! 

Happy Kimono-ing! 

Kez xxx



October 29, 2021 — Kezia Merendez