Undressed is committed to producing high-quality kimonos made to last a lifetime from upcycled and repurposed saris sourced from India, 

Each sari is exclusive in design, pattern and colourway allowing you to have your own personal style. 

Kez loves working with second hand materials and always gets so excited choosing each sari one by one for the new collections. By choosing to upcycle, together we are bringing new life to the saris and continuing the story. Once worn by local women in India.  

Due to the saris being second hand they do not come with a care label, which means we cannot always guarantee the composition. Saris can differ from a mix of cotton, polyester, viscose to a mix with silk. This is reflected in the price. Undressed offers Premium Kimonos which are 100% guaranteed silk. 

Kez focuses on selecting the finest saris which have beautiful softness, drape and print. There may be small character marks reminding you that your piece was once a sari and had it's own story before. Kez hopes you love this as much as she does, nothing is perfect.