Meet Our Models/Business Women

All our models are inspiring business women and here's why... 

Meet Jenny, the most fabulous yoga teacher who creates luxury retreats to help you unwind, get in touch with yourself and connect with nature. If you are needing some relaxing time then head to The Wild Times website!

Sunset Kimono Dressing Gown

Meet Fizz who owns her very own cafe in the heart of Burley, New Forest. She does everything! From making coffees, creating the best sandwiches I have ever had plus all the behind the scenes bits! Fizz also is a talented artist and painter, her beautiful work can be seen in Noohn Cafe. Visit Noon Cafe.

Undressed kimono dressing gown and swimsuit

Meet Mitsy, a full time Mum and fashion model. This talented queen is working with some of the most amazing brands out there! We were lucky enough to meet her little girl on our shoot, she loved seeing her Muma rocking her work and no doubt it will be a memory for her when she is older. 

undressed kimono and vintage bike sunset

Undressed is proud to support women and be a female owned business! 

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February 03, 2022 — Kezia Merendez