From Little to Big Factory

After working with our team in India for over a year, we were thrilled to hear they have brought and moved into a much larger factory to help facilitate with our upcycling sari program. 

The building has three floors including a sunny roof terrace overlooking the bustling pink city of Jaipur. 

The bottom floor is where the team sort through the saris, each piece gets carefully checked, washed and ironed ready for cutting. It is also where all our products get carefully packed and boxed up before coming to us. 


undressed factory India

The second floor is where the magic happens, the saris get transformed and sewn into Undressed kimono designs. Any remnant fabric is saved to make our zero waste collection including scrunchies and bags. We love to use it all up! 

The third floor is a busy one, this is where all kimonos go through a final quality check before being pressed. 

Meet puppy Gabbar, the newest member of their team. 

Golden labrador puppy

 To start your upcycling journey, shop kimonos now to find your rescued treasure, waiting just for you. 

February 03, 2022 — Kezia Merendez