After designing lingerie for Gap in New York Kez moved to live in the Bahamas with her lobster Will. Here, they lived like islanders, went diving everyday and stayed warm in the sun. Living in the tropics, Kez found that all she would wear was her kimono. It would keep her cool, sun protected and covered up.

"In every Bahama photo I am wearing my only blue kimono! Friends would joke about how much I wore it, I was in love with it!" 

So, after a year of Bahama life, Kez and Will moved to Australia to surf every day, live in a van and design for some epic brands. Still wearing her fave kimono, Kez decided it was now time to start building her brand! 

I couldn't think of a name so to start with my brand was called "The Kimono Company" 

Leaving Australia, Kez travelled to India in search for a factory who could bring her designs to life. Whilst walking through Rajasthan, Kez fell inlove with the vibrant and lightweight saris. If only they could be made into kimonos. Kez found her maker and was told that she could upcycle saris that were headed to landfill!  

Kez had her first market in Bristol with one rail full of kimonos, no card machine and no business cards. But hey, it was a hit and it gave Kez the confidence to continue following her dreams.

To be continued....