Shipping Information 

We are shipping all orders within 48 hours from purchase but please bare in mind that the delivery time will take slightly longer, it could be a few extra days. Thank you so much for understanding, we hope your order brings you extra joy! 

New Arrivals

Lots of you have been asking when our next upload of kimonos will be happening. And so you are in the know, this is what is going on... as you know our kimonos are handmade from upcycled saris which we source in India. It is a slow and special process. As India has been in lock down we have not been able to source anything or have anything made in the past 2 months. We expect our new (but upcycled)  arrivals in the next month or two.

We thank you all for your patience and support, you are all glowing kimono legends!!! Any questions please send us an email or DM on Insta. xx